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All aging, including premature aging, is biological— we age according to our genetic makeup—but this process is controllable and can be greatly influenced. Environment and lifestyle habits contribute greatly to the process. That’s why some people fall apart by the time they’re 35 and others are healthy, youthful and active into their senior years!

The primary factors that affect the aging process are:

  • Mental Attitude
  • Proper Exercise
  • Healthy Diet
  • Good rest

If we overeat, drink too much coffee or liquor, sleep poorly, or fail to exercise, we’ll age faster. However, if we eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly for health and longevity (not sports), and drink lots of water for cell hydration, we’ll live longer.

As people age, their physical capabilities decrease. In fact, from age 25, the body degenerates approximately 1% per year. This obviously is not good for our self-esteem or our endurance. At the age of 60, heart and lung capabilities are usually 40% lower than they were in our early 20s. About 20% of muscle composition is also lost. Speed, flexibility and balance decrease, making it easy to fall. But after 3-4 months of regular low-moderate exercise, the body’s metabolic rate can increase by 10-15%, even in people over 60—equivalent to that of a person 10 years younger! Muscle composition and overall physical ability can also increase by 10-15%. The human body has many complex systems that work together to generate life. As we age, we need to remain active and keep exercising so we can live longer.

Because the Aspire UMA Academy concept is based on individual physical condition, ability and skill level, people can train regardless of age, physical limitations or disabilities. We’re not interested in winning competitions. Ours is a goal-oriented program that helps you achieve increased mobility, better physical and mental health, and greater levels of dignity and pride. Psychologically and emotionally, achieving goals can be much more pleasurable and satisfying than training without a purpose. No matter your age, it’s never too late for your body to respond to UMA training.

Adults quickly find that they can lessen their levels of stress, enhance their health, and grow as individuals by becoming a part of the Aspire UMA Academy. Adult students also make friendships with other students and instructors because of the openness and family spirit that UMA embodies. Adults who train at the Aspire UMA Academy have a common goal—self-improvement—and we aim to help them fulfill that goal.

 Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire

Scout & Guide HQ
North Yorkshire

  Telephone: 07552049596

 Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire

Chantry Hall
8-10 North End
North Yorkshire

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