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Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes in Bedale.

UMA/CKD (Universal Martial Arts ) emphasises the use of biomechanics and to employ a number of modern disciplines, such as kinesiology and psychology, in its design. The result is a tendency towards the use of natural bilateral movement and fluid sequential motion to develop optimum force on impact to place less pressure on the joints.

The style also incorporates breathing and stretching exercises from yoga.
UMA is not designed for competition, but for a natural and effective response to everyday stimuli and training is a mix of contact drills using pads and shields, semi-contact drills and “in-fighting” close-quarter drills. Great for families, children & adults *5yrs to 85yrs.

*Training with an adult (5-7)

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Tel: 07552049596

Aspire UMA Academy for all the Family

Children are the most important people in the world, and they need to be nurtured. When senior instructors help students become more honorable and trustworthy, the students begin to form and maintain nurturing relationships. Our instructor-to-student relationships help us improve our character and shape our future. Our students learn to support each other wholeheartedly with positive reinforcement, which creates a pleasurable environment to learn in.

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Aspire UMA Academy for Adults

UMA is an ideal form of exercise for middle-aged and more elderly individuals, and it's an ideal activity after retirement. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of training, and even teaching, at an Aspire UMA Academy school. We have instructors who are over 70, and many students are even older. Extensive research has shown that good lifestyle habits and exercise are critical to reducing the aging process. The choices you make daily can either speed up or slow down your ageing process.

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For Health & Fitness

UMA is a holistic health system. Every student within Aspire UMA Academy is focused on living a more productive, healthier and longer life. Because of that, we tailor an individual's training to meet their own personal needs and promote better health in their life. Sports training has little to do with health— the goal is winning. Competitions over stress the body with high-intensity workouts that overtax the immune system and cause injuries.

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What is UMA?

The movements of this martial art were adapted from a traditional style to a more sophisticated, modern way which follows scientific and bio-mechanical principles. Thus, the kicking and punching techniques generate maximum power through sequential motion without damaging the body.
All school owners and instructors, ranging from 1st degree through 8th-degree black belt, have been trained and certified in this modern style of martial art, which was initially introduced in 1987.
The Universal Martial Art, (UMA) alliance was established on May 1, 2019 and currently has training facilities located in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. This is a martial art that can be performed by all ages and everywhere throughout the world. Hence, it is a ‘universal’ martial art.
UMA uses modern training methods, which are highly effective yet completely practical. It is user-friendly from ages 4+ and is proven to be very beneficial especially for older individuals.
Several benefits derived from participation in this martial art program include: health benefits, (physically and mentally); increased confidence and situational awareness; improved longevity as a result of the utilisation of natural body movements; increased muscle elasticity; and increased brain capacity by  contralateral stimulation.

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What People Say

"I can highly recommend Mr Calvert having been fortunate to attend his classes in Southampton. He has huge knowledge and dedication to match has huge presence and generous spirit. Pil Seung!"

Tony Weeks, Student Dragon CKD, Hampshire

"I would recommend CKD to anyone who is looking for a disciplined approach to fitness and general wellbeing with the added bonus of learning self defence via one of the newest and most progressive martial arts in the world. Mr Calvert at Yorkshire CKD is a fantastic instructor who will help you achieve your goals in a disciplined yet friendly manner. Choi Kwang Do is martial art for life instilling good values and practices for a healthy fulfilled life."

Steve Griffiths, Assistant Instructor CKD4H/Dragon CKD

"A new class in Yorkshire not to be missed! Having trained alongside Mr Calvert for over 6 years, my family and I always take something away from the time we spend with him either in class or at a grading. His passion and drive for both his students and for the non-competitive self-defence martial art of CKD will shine through when you meet him. Enjoy your black belt journey..........Pil Seung!!"

Helen Storey, Head Instructor, South Coast CKD

Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire  - Martial Arts Classes in Bedale

About Us

Our school motto, Pil Seung, translates as “Certain Victory”, but not in an aggressive manner and not always in respect to outside forces. It means we never give in, unless it’s the right thing to do, we never give up until we achieve victory and we never allow our spirit to break. The Pil Seung attitude allows us to overcome any obstacle to achieve our goals.

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